Gut Soothe - 4L

Golden Horseshoe

SKU: WE511

Studies have revealed that most horses and as early as 2 days of age, will have a mild to severe form of gastric ulcers. Race horses have the highest frequency, 80-90%, Endurance horses 70% and Performance and Competition horses 60%.

Regular training, infrequent feeding, lack of suitable forage, trailering, stall confinement and stress will increase gastric secretions which often refluxes to the sensitive upper stomach, causing discomfort, decline in performance and attitude.

Common medications for treatment of pain such as such as phenylbutazone, flunixin meglumine or ketoprofen, will decrease the production of the stomach’s protective mucus layer, making it more susceptible to the formation of ulcers.

Gut Soothe provides an easy and natural way to promote a healthy digestive tract from mouth to stomach. A special blend of chelated minerals will buffer gastric secretions, reducing acidity and helps protect the sensitive inner lining of the stomach.


Active Ingredients

Calcium carbonate 4700 mg / 50ml

Magnesium hydroxide 3300 mg / 50ml

Zinc oxide 625 mg / 50ml