TMC (Tie Free TMC)

Peak Performance


Tie Free TMC contains nutrients important to heart and skeletal muscle function including Amino Acids, and Calcium. Additionally, Tie Free TMC provides a special protein matrix which includes important cofactors Beta-Lactoglobulin, Alpha-Lactalbumin, and Glycomacropeptide.

This special protein matrix, exclusive to Tie Free TMC, supports replenishment of glycogen stores during intense activity. Glycogen provides energy to the muscles and accelerates recovery after intense exercise. Also, the components of the Tie Free TMC protein matrix support the muscles in synthesizing amino acids needed for muscle recovery and growth.
Supports replenishment of glycogen stores
Supports muscle recovery
Supports muscles prone to tying up
May help horse maintain his top speed longer
Bicarbonate .

Feeding Directions: Give 1 scoop (14g) twice a day. 28 day supply


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Exp 07/16