Aqua-Lytes - 3.8 L

Strictly Equine

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Sodium chloride


4500 mg / 30mL

Dicalcium phosphate


500 mg / 30ml

Calcium chloride


927mg / 30ml

Magnesium sulfate, included hydrated forms


1125 mg / 30ml

Potassium chloride


1500 mg / 30ml



500 mg / 30ml

Zinc sulphate


66 mg / 30ml

Vitamin D3


150 iu / 30ml

Glycine (L)


303 mg / 30ml

Copper sulphate


33 mg / 30ml

Calcium pantothenate


501 mg / 30ml

Manganese sulfate


12mg / 30ml



Electrolytes are minerals essential for critical functions such as, regulation of muscle contractions and transmission of nerve signals, monitoring of fluid levels, and filtering of waste products through kidneys and liver, pH balance, cardiac and respiratory function, and proper digestion and nutrient utilization.

During hard training sessions, horses will sweat to cool themselves resulting in significant fluid and electrolyte losses. In situations with high heat and humidity, horses can lose over 15 liters per hour along with the major electrolytes (Na+), Potassium K+, Chloride (Cl-), and to a lesser degree, Calcium (Ca+) and Magnesium (Mg+).

During low-intensity training session, sweat losses of 5 liters per day will contain 33gm of Sodium, 55 gm of Chloride, 46 gm of Potassium.  Intense training sessions such 3 day event horses competing in high heat(>25C and 80% humidity), sweat losses can be  >20 litres per day, equating to average losses of  85gm of Sodium, 140gm of Chloride and 64 g of Potassium.

Studies at the Kentucky Equine Research Inc., revealed that race horses on Furosemide often taken to prevent EIPH, (Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhaging) had  nearly double the amount of weight and fluid loses (26.4 ± 3.3 lb) compared to the control group (14.7 ± 2.6 lb), and 40 to 50X more Sodium and Chloride losses in sweat comparison to control the group.  Calcium and Potassium losses were also detected and Calcium losses remained elevated for 72 hours. Special attention and care should be taken for all horses that are medicated with Furosemide to ensure adequate fluid and electrolyte balance is maintained pre and post racing.

Electrolyte imbalances can occur when horses sweat >10 litres/hour or during extended periods.  By not replacing fluid loss and electrolytes especially during hot summer days, not only will performance be hindered, but the risk of heat stress and heat exhaustion could develop with serious life threatening results such as decreased blood pressure, narrowing of blood vessels and impaired heart function, kidney and liver shutdown.

Strictly Equine Aqua-Lytes provides all essential electrolytes that are lost in sweat during training as well as cofactors glycine and Vitamin B3 to facilitate energy production.  Easy to administer by adding to water, Aqua-Lytes is complete with sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium, and magnesium to improve stamina and exercise tolerance, reduce premature muscle fatigue, cramping, risk of tying up, and improve recovery response time.

Glycine is an amino acid that enables muscles to increase creatine levels which improve tissue repair and strength.  Glycine is considered a “gluconeogenic amino acid” meaning glycine can be used as an energy source to help regulate blood sugar levels during prolonged and intense training sessions.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) is an important cofactor for the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is the form of energy muscles require.  Vitamin B3 is also essential for DNA synthesis and repair.

For best results, supplementing drinking water with Aqua-Lytes before and after training events will ensure adequate electrolytes and fluid levels are obtained preventing pre mature muscle fatigue and cramping, decreased thirst response and improving exercise recovery.