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We have a limited supply of Back on Track products available.   We are always willing to do special orders, however below is the only stock we currently have on hand.

Back Brace, Narrow front.  Black.  Large  Regular price $89.95 on Sale for $55.99 (1 In Stock)
The Back Brace with Narrow Front is more practical if one is often in a sedentary position, for example whilst driving or horse riding. The circumference is adjustable with the Velcro strap.
Alternatively you may wish to use the removable rectangular pad separately and let your trousers hold it in place if you wish to wear something particularly slim fitting.
Large - 100-130cm

Socks, Black, Large  Regular price $29.95 on Sale for $22.50 (1 Pair In Stock)
The Back on Track Socks is a greatly appreciated product by our customers. Many people have problems with their feet, either caused by inflammation or poor circulation which leads to freezing. The socks work particularly well in combination with the Back on Track Insoles. If your heel is part of your particular problem, then the sock is the best choice because it covers the whole foot area. If you have sprained your ankle then the ankle brace may be a better choice as it provides a certain degree of support. Sock size: Shoe size L: 43 - 45

Elbow Brace, Black, Medium (30-32 cm) Regular price $24.99 On Sale for $18.99 (1 In Stock)
If you suffer from tennis elbow or tendonitis from too much time spent in front of a PC, this cover may give you relief. We constructed our Elbow Brace with our state-of-the art, ceramic-infused Welltex fabric, which works with your natural body warmth to provide a gentle warmth. The ceramic powder reflects your own body warmth and creates a soothing far infrared thermal warmth. Thermal heat is a well-recognized method used for improving blood flow and reducing inflammation. For sizing, measure the circumference around your elbow 3" above the bend. We recommend a firm fit as the brace provides support as well.