Fat Maxx

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Strictly Equine Fat Maxx
Weight and Hair Coat Supplement containing Flax Seed Meal, Dicalcium Phosphorous, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Calcium, Manganese Sulfate, Biotin, Niacin, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12 and more.
Protein 20.0%, Crude Fat 25.0%, Crude Fiber 6.17%

Strictly Equine Fat Maxx is an excellent top dressing for any feed program to fill in the nutritional gaps that come with hard training, recovery, injury, stress from travel, poor forage quality and imbalanced nutrient levels in grain. Horses fed Fat Maxx will not only have a glossy and soft hair coat, but growth, tissue repair, and maintenance all will be optimized.

Fat Maxx contains the essential fatty acids Omega 6 and Omega 3, all fat soluble vitamins, A, D, E and K, the essential amino acid lysine, chelated minerals including Zinc, Copper and Calcium, improving bone and connective tissue health, electrolytes to combat losses from hard training and sweat, B complex vitamins, critical for central nervous function and proper digestion and energy utilization, plus blood building nutrients, B12 and folic acid.

With the addition of soy oil and flax seeds, Fat Maxx is an excellent source of the essential fatty acids, Omega 6, and  Omega 3 in a balanced ratio. The horse does not have the ability to synthesize Omega 6 and Omega 3 these fatty acids, therefore must rely on the diet to provide them. One role for Omega 6 is to enhance and manage “acute inflammation “which is the first stage of the immune response when an injury or open wound is incurred to combat infection. Omega 3 has an opposing role which is “anti-inflammatory” to reduce pain and manage “chronic inflammation” from everyday training and competition, joint trauma, muscle strains, age-related arthritis, gastric ulcers, and stress.

By adding Fat Maxx to feed, less grain is required which is beneficial for those hard to keepers, and horses requiring low starch diet, as in situations when horses are prone to tying up, have  Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy (PSSM), and horses with hind gut ulcers.  Fat is energy dense and provides more than twice the kcals per gram (9kcal per gram) compared to carbohydrates and protein, (both provide 4 kcals per gram).

Typical grains, oats, corn and sweet feeds are not only low in the essential amino acid Lysine but are also imbalanced in terms of the levels of Omega 6 versus Omega 3 fatty acids (6:1).  A review by the National Research Council (NRC), 5th edition Nutrient Requirements of Horses, resulted in a high incidence of lysine deficiency in daily diets with an average shortfall of 6-10 grams a day.  For a young growing horses or horses in hard training, growth, tissue repair and maintenance will be compromised.

Strictly Equine  Fat Maxx is a convenient, cost-effective supplement that will not only result in a glossy hair coat, but overall health,  digestion, energy utilization, immunity,  growth, tissue repair, and maintenance will all benefit. Fat Maxx is comprised of  balanced levels of Omega 6 and Omega 3 essential fatty acids, lysine the essential amino acid critical for protein synthesis, B complex vitamins for healthy nerves and energy metabolism, including B12 and folic acid critical for red blood cell production, chelated minerals (Zinc, Copper, Calcium), electrolytes and fat soluble vitamins.