Quest Gel (Moxidectin)


SKU: WE221

Oral gel for the treatment of infections due to internal parasites, including bots, in horses and ponies four months of age and older. Each ml contains 20mg of Moxidectin. Preserved with Benzyl Alcohol This drug is not to be administered to horses and ponies that are to be slaughtered for use in food. Keep this (and all drugs) out of the reach of children. Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. Store between 15-30C and avoid freezing. For the treatment of parasitic infections due to large strongyles, small strongyles, ascarids, pinworms, hairworms, large-mouthed stomach worms, stomach bots and integumentary microfilariae in horses and ponies. See package insert for complete list of parasites/parasistic stages. Each ready-to-use, disposable syringe contains sufficient Quest Gel to treat one 545kg (1200lb) animal at the recommended dose. The syringe in marked in intervals of 25kg body weight. Quest Gel is safe when used at the recommended dose and may be administered to breeding equines, including stallions, cycling and pregnant mares. See package insert for complete instructions.